We will be using KDE’s Powerdevil so the first thing we want to do is adding it to autostart.sh: qdbus org.kde.kded5 /kded org.kde.kded5.loadModule powerdevil &

Script that actually will do the job:

raw code

Save it as /opt/bin/backlight. Don’t forget to make it executable.

Add keybindings to rc.xml:

raw code

That’s it. Restart your Openbox and ensure that everything works just fine.

Conkyrc Generator 1 year, 7 months ago

For a long time there were no new posts, so I decided to share my generator of conkyrc files written in python. Here’s the link where you can see what you’ll get: deviantart.com.

Scipt is under the cut because its too long.

Your personal radio 2 years, 4 months ago

Few words on a stuff I’m working right now. The first plugin for eXo is taking it’s shape. This tool aimed to organize an unlimited number of different sources (playlists, radio streams and podcasts - all selected by yourself). With this plugin you can listen your favourite music which will be interrupted by news and new podcast episodes as soon as they appear in a podcast feed. Listening will be totally automated. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.


Obxd ported to LV2 2 years, 8 months ago

Уже больше года ведётся разработка, и недавно начато портирование на LV2 софтверного синтезатора Obxd, эмулирующиего работу знаменитого аппаратного аналогового синтезатора Oberheim OB-X.

Obxd synthesizer

YouTube: Obxd - Free VST synth

Исходный код синтезатора и LV2-порт.

Booting Linux on some HP laptops can be problematic. The problem is caused by vendor’s UEFI software which is looking for “Microsoft” directory on EFI volume and by default running windows loader placed here.

It’s not necessary to use live-session. You can boot into Linux using UEFI boot menu.

windows, linux and uefi logos